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Scott Fedor Comment On Regulatory Notice 21-19

Scott Fedor

I have been an investor in the stock market for over 20 years, but am considering pulling out for good. The regulators have shown everybody that they aren't in control, and allow hedge funds to run rampant with manipulation and most likely buy them off with kickbacks in the form of fines, while they break all the rules. The level of gross criminality is off the charts, and at the very least, the regulators should be publicly exposing all of the manipulation so the rest of the market can see it, and their failure to do this suggests collusion. All of the stock analysis being provided is totally wasted, because all of the numbers are all manipulated. We can't trust any part of the process, so the only solution is to hold and to get out permanently . This is the only threat that the SEC might take seriously, because if all of the retail investors pull out, the market collapses, and it's clear that hedge funds are committed to collapsing the market before they have to pay retail investors to cover their $AMC positions. Please fix this now. Give me a reason to invest. Hedge funds need to be held to the same rules as retail investors.