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Sebastian Koehler Comment On Regulatory Notice 21-19

Sebastian Koehler

New Datamodules for Short Selling cool but it will definitly not fix the problem, that the retail is charged invisible fee's and Market Makers abusing those retail investors by pulling them to buy more shares take those fee's and letting other institutions do their dirty work by shorting the stock to keep it low and paying them liquidity with those made fee's to keep going, especially in those Darkpools! The retail would have made a 5000x profit, instead they are kept there like cows, milking them dry. The volume as an example of $AMC got trades over 3000x since January the sentiment to buy is higher then selling every single DAY! thats 500x higher then TSLA or AMAZON! Thats some stuff for the Antitrust law and you should finally make those fee's illegal !