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Shawn Williams Comment On Regulatory Notice 21-19

Shawn Williams

Complete transparency! If a market maker like Citadel can process order flow and know in real time what moves I'm making, then it should go without question that I be able to see what positions they are taking, also in real time. It's an extreme conflict of interest that they are allowed to do both. These current timelines for reporting are an extreme disadvantage to retail investors. Most of all, naked shorting, synthetic shares, FTD's and the use of darkpools has gotten extremely out of hand. So much so that there is zero faith left in the integrity of the system and that's a world wide sentiment. There needs to be proper accountability and auditing on a daily basis. Not T-2, not T-3 and not T-30. EVERYDAY! When you discover that there was corrupt and egregious maleficence there needs to be a PROPER fine. No more fractions of their profit from the manipulation. Take it ALL!