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Stefan Flores Comment On Regulatory Notice 21-19

Stefan Flores

While the rules being put into play this year are good in essence, it doesn't do any good of they are not enforced. That being said, with all of the research and exposing retail investors have done over the last 7 months, it is very clear to the world that the "free" market does not exist. It seems, though lack of transparency and lack of action, that FINRA, the SEC, and all other market regulators are working in cahoots with hedge funds and market makers for profit. The retail investor is not protected in any scope of the word. Market makers are able to do anything they want, whether legal or illegal, in order to manipulate price action to benefit them and their clients. The world is watching and we demand that action be taken to make the market transparent and fair on every level. We demand it is made right. We will not leave until it is so. Thank you.