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Steven A Comment On Regulatory Notice 21-19

Steven A

Seeing new regulatory rules and requirements is a good step, however they are only as powerful as their own enforcement. FINRA is apparently aware of PFOF, naked shorts, dark pool trading (of up to 89% total daily volume), etc. The rules recently put in place, as well as this request for comment(s) make this obvious. However, the retail investor trades continue to have minimal effect on actual price of stocks and the MMs/Hedge Funds (e.g. Citadel) have near complete control. They raise and lower the price(s) at will to play on retail investor(s) emotions, while our millions of trades are ignored and re-routed, then released at will of the MMs. The amount of shares currently owned by retail investors in certain stocks at the moment (e.g. AMC,GME) are multitudes of order higher than the actual amount of "lit" shares. MMs are allowed to "borrow" shares to use against us, while we do not have the luxury of their loopholes, naked shorts and "ins". There is more than enough DD and proof of all of this. We feel ignored, controlled and at the mercy of people who are supposed to monitor and keep our investments safe. If a MM and/or hedge fund makes Billions utilizing illegal practices, why would a fine of Millions deter them?? It would and does not, it is simply the "cost of doing business". If and when retail investors "wrong" the market, they are sent to jail. A 70 million dollar fine to someone making billions ignoring the rules is quite literally tantamount to a 250.00 fine to a retail investor making 100k/yr.