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Sue Atherton Comment On Regulatory Notice 21-19

Sue Atherton

I can’t believe how non transparent Wall Street is. Institutional Investors have it all in their favour. Retail Investors have nothing. It’s a corrupt system. Nothing was learned by 2008. Dark pools should either be visible or outlawed. Synthetic share are a no but so clearly used but nothing is done to regulate. FTD’s are placed on the threshold security list for 13 days but then nothing happens. Whats the point? How much money have hedgefunds lost again not caring if they crash the markets as long as they make money. Retail Investors are accused of market manipulation but its ok for hedge funds to create pure spillage in articles as an emotion play but thats not manipulation. I just never realised how corrupt it all is. The worst part of it all is the the SEC is aware and do nothing. Fines should be more. If they make 700m on a trade and you fine them 70m for a violation wheres the punishment? They are up 630m. Its pocket change. You want to make a difference make changes, regulate and enforce. The world is watching!!!