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T. Amir Comment On Regulatory Notice 21-19

T. Amir

Hedge funds, corporations, and other institutions have information and resources far beyond what the retail investor can access. Not only are these entities over leveraged compared to retail, some use their advantages to break laws and/or tilt the market in their favor. Incorrect marking of a position as long when their short. Continuous fail to delivers because of naked shorting. Trading in dark pools to further hide and complicate things. Plainly, it takes institutions who are supposed regulate too long to do anything and the fines are often too small to be effective. Jail time for fraud, effective fines, being timely to take action against these white collar crimes is a serious need. Not allowing this commentary you all are gathering to be just tokenism to pacify the people, but actually taking action is a serious need. It's time to realize when what used to work just isn't cutting it. Don't ignore the problem of white collar crime in the market to spare the few, it can and will cause further calamity.