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Tania G Comment On Regulatory Notice 21-19

Tania G

The problems are numerous first of all the dark pools account for 60% of transactions that way price doesn't go up when people buy. Also short positions never have to cover because they hide them in deep in the money options and just kick the can down the road. You can see examples with stocks fail to deliver and being on the threshold list - it matters not they never cover and get away with it. Also you can see when stock fail and gets the short sale restriction supposing they can only short it on its way up yet they still manage to short 35% of volume. Hedge funds manipulation also includes spoofing where many sell orders are being high frequency submitted but not quite executed basically they are destroying any stock they want by shorting to death and when they don't have shares just create synthetic ones. For reports to be accurate first of all you have to get read of dark pools, second you have to actually enforce whatever rule you accept. Sor rules are not being enforced and there are numerous loopholes also very bad practice for board of directors of dtcc to include citadel. You are allowing the fox to watch over the hens. This is a conflict of interest and also you are allowing the market makers to be the market breakers. Finally the enforce it you have to include jail time not just a mini fine. They make billions with naked shorting but you give them a fine of millions why wouldn't they keep cheating this fines are very low operational cost for them. If they lose their license as organization or have to pay more in fines than what they make thru cheating only then there would be a change but it needs to be enforced. Right now the rules are like false advertising they make us think we are protected but we are not. How can you wlt citadel has access to all that information and has right to short in the same time. Also how can you allow them to have most their location in Kayman Islands? Free to be up to no good. Finally if they have access to dark pools why don't we have the same access? If you can't make naked shorting go away then stop allowing borrow shares or stop allowing to not cover and fake cover. Nothing will change until rules are enforced and the punishment gets severe like lawyers and doctors lose ability to practice for malpractice but citadel and banks or hedge funds break rules constantly like citadel had fines 52 times for breaking rules why are they still allowed to short? Look at gme and amc shorts still auve not covered amc is on threshold list for weeks but noone is forcing shorts to cover all they have to do is just buy deep in the money options to hide short interest they even alter reports of short interest where like 20+ million ate unaccounted for. Please do something regular people gp to jail for stealing yet these people are allowed to steal and keep their jobs soon everyone will know customers are the product and even the best execution rule doesn't give us the best offer thats what happens when you allow self regulation and once everyone knows no one will want to invest in this rigged market anymore