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Thomas Hopely Comment On Regulatory Notice 21-19

Thomas Hopely

I mean where do I start. Really it at all falls on these hedge funds, "family offices", the corrupt DTCC, banks and market makers that really need to be investigated, watched and monitored constantly like they are small children to make sure their shady activities can't be executed with ease and no repercussions. If fines are handed down make the amounts astronomical so they stop. A 10k fine for a hedge fund or "family office" that controls 15, 20, 30 billions dollars etc is pocket change to them. Make dark pools/OTC harder to access so more transactions are reflected in a stocks price. Make the leash way way shorter for covering FTD's. I could go on for hours with what's wrong with this system. Make the markets fair for everyone and not the playground for the 1% anymore.