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Tyler Turner Comment On Regulatory Notice 21-19

Tyler Turner
Research technician

Thank you for expressing your concern on the matter. It is truly disheartening reading the available information and watch the market entirely disregard such within some securities. Also concerning is “entities” such as Iceberg research Twitter handle and their proclamation to the world which was broadcast through news outlets shortly after being tweeted. Many individuals observed and confirmed that iceberg research is all but one employee at a residential address, this “research” “authority” was allowed to be broadcast to the largely ignorant masses with absolutely no evidence or due authority/disclaiming remarks to provide that this was indeed Not *professional* analysis. This is is required to truthfully convey such an article on such insubstantial substance. It is my belief and hope that FINRA should, and will penalize market makers/prime brokers more harshly, and more diligently when such blatantly inappropriate articles are allowed to be spread by entities that are confirmed to profit a third party connected to the board/financial affiliation with any media outlet involved. Secondly T-35, in most retail investors opinions, does not suffice to provide due, prompt, and accurate pricing on MOST securities in high-frequency trading. We the people essentially believe Market makers should be allowed only 2-5 days to close FTD in high frequency trades. In the case that a security remains intensely sold short, yet failures to deliver continue over 1,000,000 we believe the party should be no longer be provided the security on loan as this is abusive to the security in most cases observed. We understand short sales, and market makers are simply important and essential to our market, but many retail investors believe that the entities within those roles and positions are not providing our economy with their best efforts. In fact we believe especially that namely citadel has continuously attempted to bankrupt struggling companies to close illegal/naked/egregious/manipulative short positions without question from the overall public. This of course is gross misconduct. Until this event/circumstance has been publicly addressed, explained, and pursued diligently to the furthest extent of the law (providing this penalty be based on the entities gross earnings last quarter, thus penalizing appropriately in measure to assure bad actors aren’t allowed this spotlight, and are met publicly with regulation so the, again, ignorant masses may know that American markets and securities are not grossly manipulated as they currently seem. ) the majority of individuals will remain discouraged from beginning any investment portfolio. In fact personally I regret allowing myself to understand the truth behind the numbers. This is not understood by the majority, but it’s obvious with the reported numbers that counterfeit securities are egregious. Absolutely obvious, and concerning for the well-being of our entire country. Especially for our leadership and white collar workers with the negative sentiment boiling. Our country should not be dealing in such. especially within the public market. Aside from all these. Over 50% of trades on AMC entertainment holdings were done in dark facilities the past month. We the people believe at the very least dark fibers should be suspended until FTD from may-June have been delivered. Thank you immensely if you have reviewed this comment in full. Have a wonderful day.