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Victor Chaney Comment On Regulatory Notice 21-19

Victor Chaney

Nothing has ever been fixed by a slap on the wrist. Nothing will change. All of these comments will amount to nothing. The media is manipulated. The market maker and hedge fund are one in the same. The payment of order flow is anything but fair. Brokerages like Robinhood are in the pockets of citadel quite literally. $10,000 was stolen from me because I chose to take a stand against corruption. The term fair market is laughable. But it's hard to laugh when you lose almost all your savings to a corrupt corporation. Sec fines for failing to settle Failures To Deliver is a drop in the bucket to them. They just kick the can down the road. I chose to make a play on an option that should have ended in the money. But they manipulated the price for so long that Vega ripped away money from me. Based on laws I thought were to be enforced I thought forsure it would eventually break thru levels of resistance! But instead they were able to borrow and borrow and borrow and short the price into oblivion. Unfair. Illegal. Unjust. Criminal. I played the game and lost. I lost my savings. They cheated. They stole from me. They stole from so many. Nothing will be done. New rules will just be broke. They will pay fines sure. They will not pay for what they've done to us. Even when they are found guilty, I will still be out my savings. I will not be investing in this "fair market" ever again. I understand this is meant for sharing changes we would like to see... I'm sure others will have great ideas. I however see no changes being done. Good day.