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Walter Conklin Comment On Regulatory Notice 21-19

Walter Conklin

Must enforce the rules first and foremost. 2nd borrowing of shares once off each share. 3rd Some type of proof the short was covered or the ftd was paid. None of this go short then cover long? 4th if naked shorting is illegal have a system that keeps track of the shares not allowing a float to be bought and sold several times over. 5th enforcing rule it is illegal to loan out shares on cash accounts. 6th enforcing the rules of loaning out shares on platforms without permission then when told still doing it. I filed a case against Webull about illegal things and in their answered they admit to loaning out my shares on a cash account. In their answer they say they do it and finra and sec take no action. A while back someone was fined 400 million for doing that a 10,000 dollar fine ain't gonna stop them. And finally when it comes to fining them don't group 3,000 offences into one fine and for their answer you need to do something about them saying we just noticed and are fixing it. Thank you