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E.J.R.W. Comment On Regulatory Notice 22-08


It would be perilous to impose further checks that can be arbitrarily initialized by brokers with an existing conflict of interest via execution of Dark pools or naked shorting. With the flux of retail investors and the massive flux of public man-hours allocated to investigation of the current regulatory systems. Even with tepid limitations on tort in Canada; The existing premium paid for latency in order flow opens the door to billions in damage for incurring further delays on retail investor transactions. Further regulatory failure in the face of Naked shorting counterfeit stocks backed by NFT bit "art" will completely undermine the market and lead to Millennial capital flight. The internet Class of investors are already looking for an excuse to rug pull the brick and "mortem" husk that is wall street and take their equity with them. With regard to bitcoin futures, naked shorting is already an existing issue of deluding value via market manipulation. Any sensible implementation of this security would be done via guaranty of allocation of computational power for mining / hash power that can be allocated to mining pool at the direction of the stakeholder. The biggest risk to investors is dilution via broker fraud, and greater accessibility to the DRS system or allocation to a similar public ledger system implemented via blockchain for the maximum transparency needed to make an informed decision as to the actual scarcity of a security. Any sufficiently educated investor already knows that the most pertinent data is obfuscated by Goldman Sachs and their conspirators, and being aware of that fact does not change their insistence in continuing to cook the books and bet against retail with nothing but the veneer of oversight. That has no bearing on our success as investors, because they are to stupid to realize that as retail, and as the consumer; The money is whatever we [REDACTED] say it is. Make no mistake, your one and only job is to print the receipts. And we do not need you for that.