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John Moran Comment On Regulatory Notice 22-08

John Moran

I have used leveraged products as a means to capitalize on market conditions. Through research, education, and constant monitoring, I was very successful. I stayed in leveraged products I understood and that were well funs (TQQQ, for example). The smaller riskier leveraged products were not for me, but that was my decision. This is the same as trading options.

What you offer to one you must offer to all. Increase awareness, education, etc... but don't restrict based on who is person is or what money they have. See my comments below on your proposed changes:

NO - RIDICULOUS - Pass a regulator-imposed test of your specialized investment knowledge
NO - DISCRIMINATION - Demonstrate a high net worth
YES - Call your broker and get approval, this is fine. Education is key to investing and this should be a small gating protocol to ensure understanding. - Get special approval from your broker
YES - Hand in hand with calling your broker. Education in investing is key. Attest to reading certain materials
NO - RIDICULOUS - Go through cooling off periods during which you cant invest .... unless this is for people who have lost... than perhaps that is key.