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Ronak Vaidya Comment On Regulatory Notice 22-08

Ronak Vaidya

To whom it may concern, I have used leveraged and inverse funds within the past two years in time of high volatility to hedge against my portfolio. If the instruments are taken away from us, and allowed for use for only to special personnel then my right to choose my investments is essentially taken away. I understand that there are risks involved with the use of leveraged and inverse funds, however, in the times of volatility, risks are also involved with purchasing single stocks as well. If you look at the past performance within the last year to two, many of the stocks have gone from all time high to losing 50%+ to some even 90%+ of their values. It is during this tested times that leveraged and inverse funds provide essential hedge to the portfolio compared to the historical commodities. So I request that the use of leveraged and inverse funds be continued to be allowed for use by the general public to protect their existing capital.