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Anonymous Comment On Regulatory Notice 22-14

AMC Addict

As an AMC GME APE I demand market transparency! Same day reporting is doable with the technology. End PFOF and Ban Dark Pools! Citadel Securities Scandal CEO Ken Griffin should be arrested immediately ORTEX should be releasing information to the public for free Enforce the rules that you already have in order SEC Rule 304(a) (4): Suspension, Limitation, or Revocation to the Exchange Link to rule on SEC website: final/2018/34-83663.pdf . This rule allows the SEC to effectively BAN, HALT, LIMIT, RESTRICT or REVOKE access entirely to any alternative trading systems (ATS) and/or Dark Pools that connect to the Exchange. The SEC can fully enforce this rule at ANY TIME for a period of up to 12 months if deemed beneficial to retail investors. The rule also states the procedures to carry out said rule are already in place. ⚫ DATE PASSED: October 9th, 2018 (effective 60 days thereafter) Self Reporting is total [REDACTED] Stop with the [REDACTED] fines the FINES Should Equal The Crime NO LESS