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Duke Watson Comment On Regulatory Notice 22-14

Duke Watson

Why are we still having to ask for basic accountability in the year 2022? The reason is because crime pays and the self reportive market is riddled with fraud as the past several months of Sec fines proves there is a glaring problem. The DOJ mentioned using the RICO act for a reason and it is time to implement a computer tracking system to get with the times to stop this infinite liquidity of synthetic shares and unenforced FTD's. How is it ok for certain entities that have an obvious conflict of interest of being a hedgefund, a market maker as well as owning a non registered dark pool be allowed to build radio towers and lay fiber optic cable to trade millions of shares within a second which in reality is allowing them to LEGALLY front run orders? How can we still have State Representatives claim that we have free and FAIR markets when such an egregious opportunity for market manipulation is present? Is it because they are receiving millions upon millions in campaign donations from these entities that are skimming billions in profits from these allowed operations? Anyone within this organization opposed to implementing laws and systems that create transparency, accountability and fairness is no Jedi for the retail investor. Their soul is tainted as they have pledged to the dark side of greed and corruption. Have you seen the uprisings around the world lately...Dutch Farmers, Sri Lanka, Italy? The rich and powerful want everything to continue the same in the U.S market as it's been for decades because they've become drunkards on the billions of dishonest gains they've earned over the years. The times they are a changing though and the people are awakening to the fact of how corrupt things have become. The U.S can't get fair elections, though the media says there was zero evidence of fraud, YouTube deleted all the citizens cell phn footage of poll counters being kicked out of precincts and all votes in any precinct that did this should've been voided. U.S citizens can't get honest journalism on important matters ranging from Russia collusion, Hunter Bidens laptop, Weinstein, Epstein, Vaccine side effects and deaths...etc because who now owns most of our major news networks and papers? I won't list the hedgefunds that have infiltrated these markets for more manipulation, but I will say the people are waking up to the lies because they have pushed the balance so far and it's only a matter of time before the people push back or should I say Sri Lanka the powers that think they are in control. The only way to reign in this corruption within the market is with a consolidated audit trail reporting system because time and time again we have seen that Wallstreet can't self govern themselves in a respectable fashion. Greed always gets the best of them. Let's look at the London Metal Exchange fiasco. The entire exchange was destroyed because of lack of oversight and enforcement into individuals positions on the exchange and an appropriate increase in borrow fees in regards to percentage shorted could've prevented this. Now that "once was" exchange is facing lawsuits alleging that it "acted unlawfully" for how they catered to those with extreme short positions instead of letting a free market playout. The whole problem though was lack of oversight and imposing rules to where a situation like this couldn't get out of control and put systemic risk on the whole house of cards which is what I've come to see our current state of markets as being. All because of lack of regulation that gives transparency. This lack of oversight has to come to an end!!! The U.S people are watching very closely your decisions as well as international investors who have learned just how nefarious our so-called free and fair markets truly are.