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Information Notice 2/9/12

FINRA Warns Firms of Hoax Emails That Purport to Be From Regulators

Published Date:

Recent reported incidents of hoax emails designed to spread malicious software pose an emerging threat. FINRA warns firms to beware of emails that falsely claim to be from regulators that purport to be or contain regulatory inquiries. These emails may contain a link to malicious software, ask for sensitive information or otherwise pose security risks to firms. Firms that receive what appear to be regulatory inquiries from FINRA or other regulators via email should use caution before opening any link or attachment or providing any information in response to the email. Failure to exercise  caution could result in a cyber-security breach that could pose significant  risk to the firm.

Questions regarding this Notice should be directed to Anthony Cavallaro, Senior Vice President, Central Review Group, Office of Fraud Detection & Market Intelligence, at (646) 315-7319.