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Information Notice - 3/24/10

New Firm Requirement to Designate a Super Account Administrator

Published Date:

Beginning March 29, 2010, FINRA is introducing changes to the Entitlement Program, including a new Super Account Administrator (SAA) role that will enable organizations to create account administrators and user accounts, as well as manage their own access to FINRA systems. The FINRA Entitlement Program provides authorized users a single user ID and password to access FINRA regulatory systems. See Attachment A for a list of FINRA systems and applications that participate in the Entitlement Program.

FINRA will implement the SAA role in phases from March 29, 2010, through early 2011. FINRA will notify firms via email of their SAA designation windows and provide instructions approximately six weeks prior to their designation due dates.

Questions concerning this Notice should be directed to Mary Ann Shaw, Director, Registration Operations, at (240) 386-4806.

Questions regarding the SAA or Entitlement Program should be directed to the Gateway Call Center at (301) 869-6699.