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Andy Comment On Special Notice – 6/30/21

Cyber security program manager

1) SEC regulations are very confusing and at times it appears as though there isn't an actual run book that staff use before concluding if something is a security or currency. Another area for improvement in this space is helping people form an appropriate approach, and lastly crack down on these exchanges. Some of them are dodgy [REDACTED]. 2) I did like Binanaces approach to educating their customers, you had to learn before certain areas were unlocked. Finra could create a digital syllabus with exchanges? 3) I took some good advice, invested $400 into crypto and told myself it has to last 6 months as hands on experience provides a wealth of knowledge about how YOU react to the market. Helps with emotional regulation. 4) Incentive based training, media actually covering the carnage so it creates social awareness. Also assessing the link between investing and gambling... I found that my behaviors were starting to become obsessive and risky. I ended up changing my approach and have just left my money alone in a couple of crypto currencies. 5) I don't have any metrics info for investing, however I have been involved in cyber security awareness and training programs. There is a lot that you could leverage from these frameworks. Could have campaigns like "investment awareness week" ... 10) get directly involved with exchanges once the awareness and training program is tested and established.. be in the community with new investors :)