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Derrick J Welfare Comment On Special Notice – 6/30/21

Derrick J Welfare

Dear SEC, From: Concerned Citizen Regulations are mainly out of reach. The old way of taxing is running out of runway, but with every innovation (Blockchain/Defi tech) comes some form of change. I believe we are undergoing radical change that will disperse wealth to the people. Isn't that the goal. Taxes and policy/regulation will for sure stifle American GDP in comparison to other countries, but to do so one would need to volunteer to a tax service. Cold/hot storage are quantum resistant with individual security protocols that aren't privee to bank adims/managers(fund,etf,pension,insurance)/brokers/ etc. No way to crack. Would need talented DLT officers who can trace an address to an individual. The solution is in the wallet. There are definitely options with wallet security and compliance.