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Doxxed Investor Comment On Special Notice – 6/30/21

Doxxed Investor

1. The most neglected field in investor education is equity market manipulation. New retail investors should be informed about perpetual option fail-to-delivers, married-puts, shorting via exchange-traded-funds, off-exchange trading and selling synthetic shares to manipulate a stock's price. 2. From a retail investor's perspective: An open forum where individual users can share investor information, cite sources and invite discussion is an effective way to educate newbies. However, a replacement forum for reddit isn't realistic as organic online communities will always be preferred over a new artifishill (sic.) self-regulatory agencies' forum. It's about trust. Rather than creating a new reddit or clamping down control on reddit, FINRA should join the conversation on reddit. Bring your thick skin, there are a lot of angry people from Occupy. 3. Perhaps not registered financial professionals but: Scaramucci states, "We are witnessing the French Revolution of Finance" Max Keiser names meme-stock-mania as Occupy Wallstreet 2.0 4. Warn new investors of perpetual ubiquitous market manipulations to scare them away. Show them how historically worthless the pennies-on-the-dollar fines are as corrective action. Teach them about the revolving door between regulator and regulatee. 5. The confirmation bias garnered from the coordinated mainstream media to "forget Gamestop." The Streisand Effect and the can-kicking strategies of short hedge funds causes new members to join daily. 6. Memes are quickly becoming a powerful tool to cope with an abusive financial system. While i find the personal attacks on Ken Griffin distasteful but deserved, there is something "fun" about paralleling financial concepts with pop culture references. 7. Occam's Razor trims financial obfuscation to expose crime. 8. Simulations are worthless in investing. Fantasy football has more value. The markets are a rigged casino. You don't practice gambling by pretending to gamble. You gamble for real and learn real lessons. 9. Slightly off-topic but back to collective knowledge and spontaneous think-tanks, the best tools get widely adopted by the community, the worst tools become punchlines to jokes. See reddit's relationship with Robinhood vs Fidelity in response to broker actions taken in January. i use neither of these, but if i had to switch from my current broker, i know where i'm going! 10. Raise awareness of blockchain technology and the value it can bring with accurate, honest book-keeping. It is criminal collusion that rampant manipulations and counterfeitting goes un-punished by regulators. Cost-of-business fines are a bribe if they can't correct bad actors! Revolving-door self-regulation is an utter failure, you (SEC, FINRA, DTCC, the Fed) have millions of eyes watching. The Capitol Insurrection had NOTHING in numbers compared to meme-stock holders. 11. Bonus: You seem eager to "educate" naive dumb-money retail investors. Tell me again why the rich can squeeze a shortseller but the poor can't? The fools shorted the #1 video game retail store in the world during console season. Time to pay for such a foolish gamble. Obligatory rocket emojis: 🚀🚀🚀