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Jonathan Gedrich Comment On Regulatory Notice 21-19

Jonathan Gedrich

A completely transparent market would allow retail traders to self teach themselves much easier. Along with an official site with all data, Picture Ortex without having to pay $500/year. Also, give us up to date information.... this T+2, T+5, T+13, T+35 stuff is nonsense in today's day and age. We have the technology to do it, so why aren't we giving current information? Creating a completely transparent market will create an environment where it will allow the good companies to thrive on their fundamentals, and show who is a better trader not who uses their money to be a better trader. Dark pools should also be outlawed, think about the 401k's and retirement funds suffering due to wider ask-bid spreads. The market is leveraged to help the hedge funds and institutions dominate, which is why we're about to head into what I believe to be the largest financial crisis since at least the great depression followed by another housing crisis. I could be wrong, I'm not a financial advisor but there is a reason that the big money is starting to pick up real estate rapidly.