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Proposed Rule Change to Adopt Remaining Legacy NASD and Incorporated NYSE Rules as FINRA Rules

Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, Inc. (“FINRA”) is filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC” or “Commission”) a proposed rule change to adopt the following NASD Rules as FINRA Rules in the consolidated FINRA rulebook without any substantive changes: (1) the NASD Rule 1010 Series (Membership Proceedings) into the FINRA Rule 1000 Series; (2) NASD Rule 1090 (Foreign Members) as FINRA Rule 1021; (3) NASD Rule 2340 (Customer Account Statements) as FINRA Rule 2231; (4) NASD Rule 2510 (Discretionary Accounts) as FINRA Rule 3260; (5) NASD Rule 3140 (Approval of Change in Exempt Status Under SEA Rule 15c3-3) as FINRA Rule 1020; (6) NASD Rule 3150 (Reporting Requirements for Clearing Firms) as FINRA Rule 4540; and (7) NASD Rule IM-3150 (Exemptive Relief) as Supplementary Material to FINRA Rule 4540. In addition, the proposed rule change would adopt the remaining Incorporated NYSE Rules and Interpretations in the consolidated FINRA rulebook without any substantive changes as a separate Temporary Dual FINRA-NYSE Member Rule Series. FINRA also proposes to delete four Incorporated NYSE Rule definitions (Incorporated NYSE Rules - Rule 4 (“Stock”), Rule 5 (“Bond”), Rule 9 (“Branch Office Manager”), and Rule 12 (“Business Day”)) that are not used in the FINRA rule set as well as Incorporated NYSE Rule 375 and related Interpretation. Finally, the proposed rule change would update cross-references and make other non-substantive changes within FINRA rules, due in part to the adoption of new consolidated FINRA rules.

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