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General Powers

Sec. 4.1  The property, business, and affairs of FINRA Regulation shall be managed by or under the direction of the Board. The Board may exercise all such powers of FINRA Regulation and have the authority to perform all such lawful acts as are permitted by law, the Restated Certificate of Incorporation, these By-Laws, or the Delegation Plan to assist FINRA in fulfilling its self-regulatory responsibilities as set forth in Section 15A of the Act, and to support such other initiatives as the Board may deem appropriate. To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, the Restated Certificate of Incorporation, and these By-Laws, the Board may delegate any of its powers to a committee appointed pursuant to Section 4.13 or to FINRA Regulation staff in a manner not inconsistent with the Delegation Plan.
Amended by SR-FINRA-2009-020 eff. Aug. 20, 2009.
Amended by SR-NASD-97-71 eff. Jan. 15, 1998.

Selected Notice: 09-39.