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Sec. 1.  Under no circumstances shall the Board or any officer, employee, or member of the Corporation have the power to:
(a) make any donation or contribution from the funds of the Corporation or to commit the Corporation for the payment of any donations or contributions for political or charitable purposes; or
(b) use the name or the facilities of the Corporation in aid of any political party or candidate for any public office.
Amended by SR-NASD-2007-023 eff. July 30, 2007.
Amended by SR-NASD-2006-104 eff. Dec. 20, 2006.
Amended by SR-NASD-2006-135 eff. Dec. 20, 2006.
Amended by SR-NASD-2005-087 eff. Aug. 1, 2006
Amended by SR-NASD-97-71 eff. Jan. 15, 1998.