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Resignation and Removal of Officers

Sec. 6.  (a) Any officer may resign at any time upon written notice of resignation to the Board, the Chief Executive Officer, or the Secretary. Any such resignation shall take effect upon receipt of such notice or at any later time specified therein. The acceptance of a resignation shall not be necessary to make the resignation effective.
(b) Any officer of the Corporation may be removed, with or without cause, by resolution adopted by a majority of the Governors then in office at any regular or special meeting of the Board or by a consent adopted by all of the Governors then in office in accordance with applicable law. Such removal shall be without prejudice to the contractual rights of the affected officer, if any, with the Corporation.
Amended by SR-NASD-2007-023 eff. July 30, 2007.
Amended by SR-NASD-2001-06 eff. May 8, 2001.
Adopted by SR-NASD-97-71 eff. Jan. 15, 1998.