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Stock Ledger

Sec. 11.4  (a) A record of all certificates representing capital stock issued by FINRA Regulation shall be kept by the Secretary or any other officer, employee, or agent designated by the Board. Such record shall show the name and address of the person, firm, or corporation in which certificates representing capital stock are registered, the number of shares represented by each such certificate, the date of each such certificate, and in the case of certificates that have been canceled, the date of cancellation thereof.
(b) FINRA Regulation shall be entitled to treat the holder of record of shares of capital stock as shown on the stock ledger as the owner thereof and as the person entitled to vote such shares and to receive notice of meetings, and for all other purposes. Except as otherwise required by applicable law, FINRA Regulation shall not be bound to recognize any equitable or other claim to or interest in any share of capital stock on the part of any other person, whether or not FINRA Regulation shall have express or other notice thereof.
Amended by SR-FINRA-2009-020 eff. Aug. 20, 2009.
Amended by SR-NASD-97-71 eff. Jan. 15, 1998.

Selected Notice: 09-39.