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1113. Restriction Pertaining to New Member Applications

This rule was introduced with the filing of SR-FINRA-2010-056 which has been approved by the SEC. The effective date for this rule has not yet been determined.

The Department of Member Regulation shall reject an application for membership with FINRA pursuant to NASD Rule 1013 in which either the applicant or an associated person, as defined in Article I of the FINRA By-Laws, is subject to a statutory disqualification, as defined in Article III, Section 4 of the FINRA By-Laws. Any such application as described in this Rule that is approved by virtue of Department of Member Regulation error or applicant error (including, but not limited to, an inadvertent or intentional misstatement or omission by the applicant or associated person) shall be subject to cancellation of membership in accordance with Rule 9555.
Adopted by SR-FINRA-2010-056.