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4110. Capital Compliance

(a) When necessary for the protection of investors or in the public interest, FINRA may, at any time or from time to time with respect to a particular carrying or clearing member or all carrying or clearing members, pursuant to authority exercised by FINRA's Executive Vice President charged with oversight for financial responsibility, or his or her written officer delegate, prescribe greater net capital or net worth requirements than those otherwise applicable, including more stringent treatment of items in computing net capital or net worth, or require such member to restore or increase its net capital or net worth. In any such instance, FINRA shall issue a notice pursuant to Rule 9557.
(b)(1) Unless otherwise permitted by FINRA, a member shall suspend all business operations during any period in which it is not in compliance with applicable net capital requirements set forth in SEA Rule 15c3-1.
(2) FINRA may issue a notice pursuant to Rule 9557 directing a member that is not in compliance with applicable net capital requirements set forth in SEA Rule 15c3-1 to suspend all or a portion of its business.
(c)(1) No equity capital of a member may be withdrawn for a period of one year from the date such equity capital is contributed, unless otherwise permitted by FINRA in writing. Subject to the requirements of paragraph (c)(2) of this Rule, this paragraph shall not preclude a member from withdrawing profits earned.
(2) A carrying or clearing member shall not, without the prior written approval of FINRA, withdraw capital, pay a dividend or effect a similar distribution that would reduce such member's equity, or make any unsecured advance or loan to a stockholder, partner, sole proprietor, employee or affiliate, where such withdrawals, payments, reductions, advances or loans in the aggregate, in any 35 rolling calendar day period, on a net basis, exceeds 10% of its excess net capital.
(d) Sale-And-Leasebacks, Factoring, Financing, Loans and Similar Arrangements
(1)(A) No carrying or clearing member shall consummate a sale-and-leaseback arrangement with respect to any of its assets, or a sale, factoring, or financing arrangement with respect to any unsecured accounts receivable, where any such arrangement would increase the member's tentative net capital by 10% or more, without the prior written authorization of FINRA.
(B) No carrying member shall consummate any arrangement concerning the sale or factoring of customer debit balances, irrespective of amount, without the prior written authorization of FINRA.
(2) Any loan agreement entered into by a carrying or clearing member, the proceeds of which exceed 10% of such member's tentative net capital and which is intended to reduce the deduction in computing net capital for fixed assets and other assets which cannot be readily converted into cash under SEA Rule 15c3-1(c)(2)(iv), must be submitted to and be acceptable to FINRA, prior to such reduction becoming effective.
(3) Members subject to paragraphs (d)(1)(A), (d)(1)(B) or (d)(2), shall not consummate any arrangement pursuant to such paragraph(s) if the aggregate of all such arrangements outstanding would exceed 20% of such member's tentative net capital, without the prior written authorization of FINRA.
(4) Any agreement relating to a determination of a "ready market" for securities based upon the securities being accepted as collateral for a loan by a bank under SEA Rule 15c3-1(c)(11)(ii), must be submitted to and be acceptable to FINRA before the securities may be deemed to have a "ready market."
(e) Subordinated Loans, Notes Collateralized by Securities and Capital Borrowings
(1) All subordinated loans or notes collateralized by securities shall meet such standards as FINRA may require to ensure the continued financial stability and operational capability of the member, in addition to those specified in Appendix D of SEA Rule 15c3-1.
(2) Unless otherwise permitted by FINRA, each member partnership whose general partner enters into any secured or unsecured borrowing, the proceeds of which will be contributed to the capital of the member, shall submit the following for approval in order for such proceeds to qualify as capital acceptable for inclusion in the computation of the net capital of the member:
A signed copy of the loan agreement which must:
(A) have at least a 12 month duration; and
(B) provide non-recourse to the assets of the member.
Additional documents may be required, the nature of which will vary, depending upon the legal status of the lender e.g. an individual, bank, estate, trust, corporation, partnership, etc.

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.01 Compliance with Applicable Law. For purposes of paragraph (e)(1), the member shall assure itself that any applicable provisions of the Securities Act and/or State Blue Sky laws have been satisfied and may be required to submit evidence thereof to FINRA prior to approval of the subordinated loan agreement.

.02 Members Operating Pursuant to the Exemptive Provisions of SEA Rule 15c3-3(k)(2)(i). For purposes of this Rule, all requirements that apply to a member that clears or carries customer accounts shall also apply to any member that, operating pursuant to the exemptive provisions of SEA Rule 15c3-3(k)(2)(i), either clears customer transactions pursuant to such exemptive provisions or holds customer funds in a bank account established thereunder.

Amended by SR-FINRA-2010-002 eff. Feb. 8, 2010.
Adopted by SR-FINRA-2008-067 eff. Feb. 8, 2010.

Selected Notice: 09-71.

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