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4523. Assignment of Responsibility for General Ledger Accounts and Identification of Suspense Accounts

(a) Each member shall designate an associated person who shall be responsible for each general ledger bookkeeping account and account of like function used by the member and such associated person shall control and oversee entries into each such account and shall determine that the account is current and accurate as necessary to comply with all applicable FINRA rules and federal securities laws governing books and records and financial responsibility requirements. A supervisor shall, as frequently as is necessary considering the function of the account but, in any event, at least monthly, review each account to determine that it is current and accurate and that any items that become aged or uncertain as to resolution are promptly identified for research and possible transfer to a suspense account(s).
(b) Each carrying or clearing member shall maintain a record of the names of the associated persons assigned primary and supervisory responsibility for each account as required by paragraph (a) of this Rule. All records made pursuant to this paragraph (b) shall be preserved for a period of not less than six years.
(c) Each member must record, in an account that shall be clearly identified as a suspense account, money charges or credits and receipts or deliveries of securities whose ultimate disposition is pending determination. A record must be maintained of all information known with respect to each item so recorded. Such suspense accounts include, but are not limited to, DK fails, unidentified fails, unallocable securities receipts versus payment, returned deliveries, and any other receivable or payable (money or securities) "suspended" because of doubtful ownership, collectibility or deliverability. To the extent that suspense items can be distinguished by type, separate accounts may be used provided that the word "suspense" is made a prominent part of the account title. All records made pursuant to this paragraph shall be preserved for a period of not less than six years.

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.01 Supervisory Responsibility. For the purposes of paragraphs (a) and (b) of this Rule, each member with only one associated person may assign primary and supervisory responsibility for each account to that associated person, subject to applicable registration requirements. Members of limited size and resources that have more than one associated person may seek FINRA's prior written approval to assign primary and supervisory responsibility for each account to the same associated person.

.02 Members Operating Pursuant to the Exemptive Provisions of SEA Rule 15c3-3(k)(2)(i). For purposes of this Rule, all requirements that apply to a member that clears or carries customer accounts shall also apply to any member that, operating pursuant to the exemptive provisions of SEA Rule 15c3-3(k)(2)(i), either clears customer transactions pursuant to such exemptive provisions or holds customer funds in a bank account established thereunder.

Adopted by SR-FINRA-2010-061 eff. Aug. 1, 2011.

Selected Notice: 11-26.

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