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11610. Liability for Expenses

This rule is no longer applicable. NASD Rule 11000 Series has been superseded by FINRA Rule 11000 Series. Please consult the appropriate FINRA Rule.

Failure of the seller to meet the requirements of good delivery relating to bonds and similar evidences of indebtedness, as set forth in paragraphs (a) through (h) of this Rule inclusive, shall make the seller liable for any expense incurred as a result of such failure.
(a) Coupon Bonds
A coupon bond shall have securely attached in the correct place proper coupons, warrants, etc., of the same serial number as the bond. Acceptance of cash or check in lieu of missing coupons shall be at the option of the purchaser.
(b) Endorsed Bonds
A coupon bond bearing an endorsement of a definite name of a person, firm, corporation, association, etc., in conjunction with words of condition, qualification, direction, or restriction, not properly pertaining thereto as a security, shall not be a good delivery unless sold specifically as an "endorsed bond." This shall also apply to bonds with coupons bearing such endorsements.
(c) Interest in Default
A bond upon which interest is in default shall carry all unpaid coupons.
(d) Registerable as to Principal
A coupon bond registerable as to principal shall be a good delivery only if registered to bearer.
(e) Endorsements for Banking or Insurance Requirements
A coupon bond bearing an endorsement indicating that the bond was deposited in accordance with a governmental requirement pertaining to banking institutions or insurance companies shall not be a good delivery. If released, with such release acknowledged before an officer authorized to take acknowledgments, it shall be a good delivery if sold specifically as a "released endorsed bond."
(f) Coupon Detached Prior to Delivery
(1) A bond dealt in "and interest," for delivery on or after the date on which interest is due and payable, shall be delivered without the coupon payable on such date.

(2) Late delivery. In the settlement of contracts in bonds dealt in "and interest" where delivery is due prior to the interest payment date but is made on or after the interest payment date, bonds may be delivered without coupons payable on such date, and the seller may present such detached, unpaid coupons to the buyer for payment, the buyer bearing the risk of non-payment.

(g) Stamped Bonds

(1) If a plan of reorganization which has been declared operative, or an amendment or supplement to an indenture provides that the bonds covered thereby shall be stamped to reflect the adoption of such plan or the amendment or supplement to the indenture, bonds so stamped shall be a good delivery and bonds not so stamped shall not be a good delivery.

(2) The fact that a bond has been stamped "Tax Paid" by any authority vested with the power to tax, if the stamp does not indicate ownership, shall not prevent such bond from being a good delivery.

(h) Certificates of Deposit
Certificates of deposit issued by committees or depositaries other than those specified at time of trade shall not be a good delivery.

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