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11710. General Provisions

This rule is no longer applicable. NASD Rule 11000 Series has been superseded by FINRA Rule 11000 Series. Please consult the appropriate FINRA Rule.

(a) Definition
The term "reclamation" as used in this Code shall mean a claim for the right to return or the right to demand the return of a security which has been previously accepted. Securities which have been presented for delivery on a transaction and which for a valid reason have been refused shall within the meaning of Rules 11710 and 11720, inclusive, be deemed a rejection for the purposes of these Rules.
(b) Uniform Reclamation Form
(1) Form Must Accompany Securities
A properly executed Uniform Reclamation Form must accompany securities on reclamation or return.*
(2) Absence of Form Permits Sell-Out
Any security reclaimed or returned on a transaction without a properly executed Uniform Reclamation Form as prescribed within this Rule may, at the option of the receiving broker, be "sold-out" pursuant to Rule 11820 of this Code, however, in no event later than three business days after receipt of the receiving broker or his agent.
(c) Time for Delivery of Reclamation and Manner of Settlement

(1) A security with an irregularity having been delivered may be returned or reclaimed between the hours established by rule or practice in the community where the delivery or reclamation is to be made.

(2) When a security is returned or reclaimed, the party who originally delivered it shall immediately give the party returning it either the security in proper form for delivery in exchange for the security originally delivered, or the money amount of the contract. In the latter case, unless otherwise agreed, the party to whom the security is returned shall be deemed to be failing to deliver the security until such time as a proper delivery is made.

(d) Minor Irregularities
Reclamation for an irregularity which affects only the currency of the security in the market shall be made within fifteen days from the day of original delivery, except that, if the security is issued under the jurisdiction of a foreign country, the period for reclamation under this section shall be forty-five days from the day of original delivery.
(e) Wrong Form of Certificate
Reclamation, by reason of the fact that a form of certificate was delivered which was not a good delivery, but which is exchangeable without charge for a certificate which is a good delivery, shall be made within fifteen days from the day of original delivery.

* Specifications for use of the Uniform Reclamation Form are contained in the Final Report of the Banking and Securities Industry Committee entitled "Four Uniform Forms," dated December 22, 1971.

Amended eff. Sept. 1, 1969; Dec. 1, 1972.

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