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Upgrade Your Web Browser

If you are using an out-of-date web browser, please upgrade your browser to one of these free and up-to-date options.


What browser am I currently using?

All users can check their current browser at

Why do I need an up-to-date browser?

There are three reasons why you should consider updating your web browser.

  • Security
    Older web browsers may have security defects that render them vulnerable to viruses and other forms of attacks. Upgrading to a current web browser will provide better protection from these threats.
  • Performance
    Current web browsers are faster, more usable, and more stable.
  • User Experience
    Today's website (including use technologies such as HTML5 and CSS3, which are not fully supported by older web browsers.  By using an out-of-date browser, you may not be able to access all the content and features that are available.

What if I'm not able to update my browser?

If you are not able to install or remove software on your computer due to your organization's IT policies, please contact your IT administration, and ask for an up-to-date web browser.

Firm Gateway Users

If you are a Firm Gateway user, please refer to the information below.

  • All browsers must have JavaScript and cookies enabled.
  • Browser usage is reviewed monthly. Additional browsers will be added if usage meets or exceeds 5% of total login activity.
  • The supported browsers listed above are applicable to desktop and laptop devices only – not mobile devices.