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Continuing Education (CE) Obligations

Transforming the Securities Industry CE Program

FINRA has adopted important changes to its continuing education (CE) and registration rules to train registered persons more effectively while accommodating registered persons, particularly women and underrepresented minorities, whose personal circumstances take them away from the industry for a time.

Get information on the CE obligations and statuses within your firm by logging into FINRA Gateway, clicking on the Reports tab. You can find CE data by using the search or browsing to Templates and choosing the Continuing Education category. You may need to use the in-page scrollbar and scroll down to see all categories and templates.

FINRA Gateway

Use the template descriptions to help you choose a template based on your reporting needs.

Available CE Templates

The following templates were created as starting points for CE obligation tracking and reporting. Templates can easily be customized to suit your specific reporting needs.

Template Name


Template Content

CE Download *

Registered representatives at your firm with CE statuses of SATISFIED, REQUIRED or CEINACTIVE. Replaces CE Download in Classic CRD Reports.

CE Approaching Requirement *

Registered representatives at your firm with a CE requirement window beginning within the next seven days. Easily change dates to forecast different CE requirement beginning windows.

CE Currently Required *

View registered representatives who have a CE requirement window ending within the next 30 days. Easily change dates to forecast different CE requirement ending windows.

CE Satisfied *

Registered representatives at your firm who satisfied a CE obligation within the past 15 days. Easily change dates track CE satisfaction rates at your firm according to your needs.

CE Inactive *

View registered representatives that did not complete their CE requirements on time and whose registrations are now inactive.

CE 2-Year Termed *

View individuals at your firm who are CE 2-Year Termed.

Individuals by CE Status

Consolidated view of all CE-related information presented in a nested data structure. Shown grouped by CE status.   

* Reference the CE Data Dictionary for data details. If not marked with an asterisk, reference the Individual Data Dictionary for data details.

Customized CE Report

You can customize any template in FINRA Gateway Reports to meet your reporting needs.

For this example, open the CE Satisfied template to start.

FINRA Gateway

Unless someone at your firm satisfied CE in the past 15 days, the template will be empty when you open it. If want to know who satisfied CE at your firm in the past quarter, you can easily adjust the time range of the template by clicking on the CE Event Date filter tag at the top of the page.

FINRA Gateway

Clicking on the CE Event Date opens the filter settings for the date range.

FINRA Gateway

To show individuals at your firm who satisfied their CE obligation in the past quarter, click the Quarters tab. Click Apply Filter. Click Done.

FINRA Gateway

Now the template will show you individuals at your firm who completed CE in the past quarter. You can save this view as a custom report using the Save tool.

Click the Save tool.

FINRA Gateway

Provide a name and click the Save button.

FINRA Gateway

The name of the view will change to the name you provided.

FINRA Gateway

The report you saved will appear in the My Reports section on the Reports main page.

FINRA Gateway