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Dynamic Reporting

Dynamic Reporting was designed to help firm staff answer common questions and make informed decisions using FINRA data. Registration staff, for example, can engage with a roster of registered individual data to answer frequently asked questions like: "which registered have a registration status of pending?", while compliance staff could engage with FINRA rule filing data to easily determine if and when a particular rule filing was submitted to FINRA.

Users will need the “My CRD Reports” entitlement in order to access Dynamic Reporting. Please contact your SAA for access. 



Easily select the specific data fields you want to view and then sort, filter and group the data (including by date range) to answer questions and make decisions that will improve your registration and compliance operations. 

Real Time

Unlike the current Classic CRD static reports that are generated using day-old data, Dynamic Reporting data is up to date within the last 30 minutes. Leverage near real-time data to streamline your registration activities and stay on top of open issues.


Minimize the time you spend extracting and reconciling data in Excel or other tools, and instead focus on leveraging available data to avoid problems and lower compliance costs.

Use Cases

Statistical Reporting

How many times have you been asked a question like: How many reps joined our firm last quarter? In the past, it might have taken you a couple of hours to download one or more CRD reports and manipulate the data offline, just to get to the point where you can answer this question. With Dynamic Reporting, that all changes. Use the powerful filter function to quickly narrow your individual roster by employment start date and instantly know how many registered individuals started within a date range. And then go one step further with the group function and aggregate new representatives by branch. With a just a couple of mouse clicks, you can quickly show your supervisor a count of new individual representatives by branch location. Then save this dynamic report so when you are asked this question again next month you can respond in seconds.

Statistical Reporting

Registration Activity Tracking

Want to easily follow-up with registered individuals that have a continuing education status of “REQUIRED”? With Dynamic Reporting, you can quickly filter your individual roster by CE Status to narrow down the result set to include just those individuals that you need to remind to complete their CE requirements. Powerful grouping capabilities also allow you to identify which branch locations supervise the individuals to make it even easier to follow-up. Then save this dynamic report so you can check-up on the progress being made to resolve open issues as often as you like.

Registration Activity Tracking