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Technical Notice

OTC Transparency Data API

January 14, 2020

As part of its multi-year Digital Experience Transformation, FINRA is using an API Developer Center ( to support automation. The API Developer Center website includes information designed to assist clients interested in using API technology to gain access to OTC Transparency data. The available API endpoints provide a mechanism to retrieve this data using a machine-to-machine interface. The API Implementation Process is outlined on the site and includes the steps needed to access the data, including information on how to obtain a full data set.

On January 10, 2020 the maximum number of records returned by the API Platform (the limit parameter) was reduced to 100 to protect the integrity and availability of the system. This resulted in some API integrations failing due to their reliance on the original limit value of 100,000.

On Wednesday, January 15, 2020, after business hours, FINRA will temporarily revert back to the 100,000 limit to accommodate firms’ API implementations and to address concerns that the new 100 maximum limit may be too low.

FINRA will issue an additional Technical Notice once a decision on the optimal record limit and rate limiting approach for the platform is reached (expected by the end of January 2020). Users will be given 60 days to ensure that their API implementations are consistent with the documentation provided on the FINRA API Developer Center website including the proper use of all request parameters (limit and offset parameter), and Request/Response Headers.

Questions regarding this notice should be directed to FINRA Business Services or call (866) 953-4672.

Questions in relation to the API Developer Center can be sent to API Developer