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Form Custody for Broker-Dealers

The SEC has approved a rule to establish a new Form Custody that all registered broker-dealers must file at specified times with their designated examination authority. The details are available in the Federal Register.

Firms will be required to file the Form Custody when they submit their Focus filings.

Form Custody

Sample Files for Import

Below are samples of the Form Custody layout for firms that use the import feature in eFocus to file their FOCUS.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I submit the Form Custody?

The Form Custody should be filed using FINRA’s eFOCUS system, which is available on the FINRA Gateway.

Will I need a new entitlement to submit the Form Custody?

No. If you have entitlement to eFOCUS, you will be able to submit the Form Custody. Entitlement to eFOCUS is coordinated with your Firm’s SAA (Super Account Administrator).

Is eFOCUS changing to accommodate the Form Custody?

No. The Form Custody is simply an additional form that will be filed on eFOCUS. Firms will have the ability to use the methods that are currently supported to submit the FORM CUSTODY. This includes entering the data directly in eFOCUS and uploading Excel, text or XML files.

Where will I see the Form Custody?

It will display in the filing views along with the FOCUS and Schedule I. The “Report Type” will be Custody.