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Technical Notice

Update - FINRA Announces New ADF Participant

January 26, 2023

In accordance with its regulatory responsibilities pursuant to Regulation NMS, FINRA is issuing a pre-quotation notice1 to advise that it plans to certify a new participant to begin using FINRA’s Alternative Display Facility (ADF) for quotation and trading of CTA and UTP listed securities on or after Monday, March 27, 2023, subject to regulatory approval and related announcements.

Once certified, the IntelligentCross ATS will become an active quoting and trade reporting participant on the FINRA ADF and will be identified by the FINRA Market Participant ID (FINRA MPID) of INCR.

**Additional information has been posted on the IntelligentCross website.

Further details around the implementation will be distributed closer to the go live date.

Questions may be directed to FINRA Operations at (866) 776-0800 or to IntelligentCross Operations at (212) 621-9640.

1FINRA must provide public notice of a participant’s intention to display quotations on the ADF at least 60 days in advance of such activity.