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Technical Notice

Update - FINRA API Reference Data Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) Production Access

July 03, 2024

FINRA previously issued a notice regarding API Reference Data production access. This process will now occur beginning Monday, July 15, 2024.

Beginning Monday, July 15, 2024, FINRA will utilize Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) for access to all production API reference data files. Currently, FINRA API users wishing to get access are required to download a digital certificate and present verified user id and password credentials. To access the API via MFA, users will need to be entitled to use the product, have an assigned user name (Email address) and password, answer security questions and enroll in one or more additional authentication methods. Users are required to enroll in MFA in the production environment.

FINRA has updated the ADF, ORF, and TRACE API Reference User Guides available on A dedicated TRAQS/API Multi Factor Authentication User Guide and MFA Web Help Page are also available for reference to the new process.

FINRA recommends enrolling in more than one additional authentication method. Enrolling in more than one authentication method allows redundancy in case your mobile device is unavailable. We suggest using your land line phone number or a phone number that differs from your mobile number to enroll in Voice Call Authentication. The available authentication methods include:

  • Okta Verify;
  • Google Authenticator;
  • SMS Authentication; and
  • Voice Call Authentication.

Signup and usage of these methods are illustrated in the Multi Factor Authentication User Guide. Existing, active users will be emailed automatically when MFA is implemented.

Member firms who wish to establish new API users do so via PDM. Existing users will receive an invitation via email to enroll in the NASDAQ MFA service.

FINRA will discontinue the use of digital certificates to access the Reference data API after the close of business on Friday, September 27, 2024. Firms are strongly encouraged to transition to MFA as soon as possible.



Test MFA to reach API files in the NTF regionCurrently supported
Use MFA to reach API files in the production regionBegin July 15, 2024
Use Digital certificates to reach API files in the NTF region**Supported through September 27, 2024 
Use Digital certificates to reach API files in the production region**Supported through September 27, 2024

** Starting July 15, 2024, any new user wishing to access the API files in NTF or production must use MFA.  Digital Certificates will not be issued for any new user after July 12, 2024.

Please contact FINRA Client and System Management with questions regarding this notice.