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Technical Notice

Modifications to TRACE Dissemination Protocols for Specified Pool Transactions (MBS) – Test Files Available Now

June 23, 2021

As announced in Regulatory Notice 21-02, FINRA is modifying the convention for rounding the original Loan-To-Value ratio used in the dissemination of transactions in agency pass-through mortgage-backed securities and Small Business Administration (SBA)-backed asset-backed securities traded in specified pool transactions. This change will become effective on Monday, July 26, 2021. On this day, the TRACE RDID Master and MBS Security Master Files will be updated with the security changes.

To test the volume of changes (RDID reassignments) that will occur on July 26, test MBS files are now available: 

Note, these test files are static files and will not change from week to week up until the implementation date.

Please note, while there are NO required technical changes or amendments to any of the FINRA technical specifications for the Securitized Products Data Feed (SPDS), or the Reference Data API, this implementation will impact the assignment of the Reference Data Identifier (RDID) for each MBS security.  

For any questions regarding this notice, please contact: