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TRACE Pricing

Data Feed/FTP Access Transaction Information5

  Real-Time Delayed1
FINRA Real-Time Data Feed $1,500 Not Available
Re-Transmission Vendor Feed $1,500 No Charge

Data Display Transaction Information

  Real-Time Delayed (not available directly from FINRA)
Professional User $60 No Charge
Enterprise License2 $7,500 No Charge
Personal, Non-Commercial Use3 No Charge No Charge

Enhanced Historic TRACE Data4

  Real-Time Delayed4
Set-up Fee N/A $2,000
Subsequent Calendar Year N/A $2,000
Re-Distribution Fee N/A $1 per CUSIP per Calendar
Year (Maximum fee of $1,000
per calendar year)

Academic Corporate Bond TRACE Data

  Real-Time Delayed
Set-up Fee N/A $500
Subsequent Calendar Year N/A $500
Re-Distribution Fee N/A No Redistribution

End-of-Day Transaction File & TRACE Activity Report4

  Real-Time Delayed1
End-of-Day Transaction File N/A $750
TRACE Activity Report N/A $750

Snapshot Data Transaction Information6

  Real-Time Delayed1
Snapshot Data Transaction Information $250 No Charge

Market Activity and Performance Indicators

  Real-Time Delayed1
Market Aggregate Statistics N/A No Charge (end of day)
FINRA-Bloomberg Active U.S. Corporate Bond Indices N/A No Charge (end of day)

All charges are per data set (BTDS, ATDS, SPDS and 144A). All prices are monthly charges and subject to change. Enhanced Historical Data and Academic Bond Data prices are per calendar year. Please see the TRACE rules in the FINRA full book at for detailed fee description. For more information, contact FINRA at (888) 507-3665 or visit our website at


  1. Display, dissemination or use of data more than four (4) hours after the time of dissemination by FINRA.
  2. Entitles an organization to make unlimited internal use of real-time TRACE transaction information on any number of display applications (over multiple vendors, if applicable).
  3. Please see definition and terms of use on FINRA’s website at
  4. Qualifying Tax-Exempt Organizations:
    • Set-Up Fee: $1,000
    • Subsequent Calendar Year: $500
    • Re-Distribution Fee: No Charge
  5. Data recipients must execute a Vendor Agreement with FINRA. Real-time data fees do not include per-terminal charges for display device(s) receiving real-time TRACE transaction information.
  6. Entitles recipient to one TRACE price per security per business day.