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Technical Notice

U.S. Treasury Securities Executed to Hedge a Primary Market Transaction

December 09, 2019

Beginning June 1, 2020, as described in Regulatory Notice 19-30 members must report transactions in U.S. Treasury Securities executed to hedge a primary market transaction [that meets the FINRA Rule 6710 definition of “List or Fixed Offering Price Transaction” or “Takedown Transaction”] with an appropriate identifier.  The Sale Condition 2 Identifier, available via the TRAQS secure web browser and the TRACE for Treasuries FIX protocol (Tag 22002) will be available for this designation. 


 and   have been updated to recognize this change.  

FINRA will issue additional technical notices regarding testing and other relevant information about this software release as the production date approaches.  

Please contact FINRA Product Management or call (866) 899-2107 with questions regarding this notice.