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TRF Regulation SHO - 2018

Pursuant to a Securities and Exchange Commission request, FINRA has agreed to make reported short sale trade data publicly available. FINRA will make two types of files available: (1) Daily Short Sale Volume Files and (2) Monthly Short Sale Transaction Files.

The Daily Short Sale Volume Files provide aggregated volume by security on all short sale trades executed and reported to a FINRA reporting facility during normal market hours. The Monthly Short Sale Transaction Files provide detailed trade activity of all short sale trades reported to a consolidated tape.

For additional information regarding the available data, please see Information Notice 5/10/19 and Information Notice 9/29/09 or contact FINRA Market Regulation at 301-590-6500.

Monthly Short Sale Transaction Files and formatting guide

Daily Short Sale Volume Files and help guide

View information about the Regulation SHO Pilot Program.