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Create a Watchlist

We invite you to create an individual account to access Watchlist.

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Why Create a Watchlist?

Create an account to access Watchlist so that you may:

  • Get updated data on fixed income securities of interest to you
  • Retrieve your Watchlist from any device (phone, laptop, etc)
  • Access other FINRA applications, such as Support and API console

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why do I have to create an account and login to have a Watchlist? 
    When you create an account and login, we can save your Watchlist without using browser session cookies, which have proven unreliable for our customers in the past. 
  2. How do I move my Watchlist from the Bond Market Data Center to the new Fixed Income Data site?
    You can add any Fixed Income security to the Watchlist by navigating to the individual security page through the Fixed Income lookup or through a symbol link on a Fixed Income Securities and Trade Activity data view.
  3. What information do I have to provide to create a login?
    First name, Last name, email address, user ID and password.
  4. The activate login link expired. What do I do to get my password?
    Even if the password reset link expired, you can still select “ACTIVATE PASSWORD” link in the email which will take you to “Reset Password” page. On it, selecting “CANCEL” button will present the account recovery flow (below reference).  If they still experience issues, they can reach out to FINRA support center at 301.590.6500 for help. 
  5. What happens when if I forget my login information?
    You can reset your password or username using the "Forgot User ID or Password?" link at the bottom of the login screen. 
  6. Can I use an existing account to create a Watchlist?
    If you have a self-reistered account with FINRA, such as one used for Dispute Resolution portal or FinPro, you can use those credentials to login to your Dashboard to view your Watchlist. However, you cannot use a firm login to create and retrieve a Watchlist.
  7. What type of products can be added to the Watchlist?
    Any Fixed Income security can be added to the Watchlist.
  8. How does FINRA use my data?
    FINRA uses the information you provide us when you create and use your account to retrieve and predict, if possible, your content preferences and areas of interest. FINRA also uses aggegate usage data to assess the  health and utility of their software products. For more information, see our privacy policy.