Investor Alert Reprint Policy

FINRA develops Investor Alerts in order to help educate investors about important investing issues. To allow this information to reach more investors, FINRA distributes the Alerts to the media and encourages other companies and organizations to link to this content or to place this content directly on their Web sites in accordance with the guidelines noted below. Requestors must obtain permission in writing from FINRA prior to reprinting FINRA copyrighted materials. Any proposed usage must follow the guidelines outlined below.

FINRA Investor Alert Linking and Reprint Policy Guidelines

FINRA will endeavor to provide printer friendly copy of Investor Alerts when requested.

Requestors must reprint material exactly as provided by FINRA. No material may be deleted or changed. Copyright and other legal information must be maintained.

No material may be added to the Alert, including logo or name of firm.

Alerts may be distributed as part of educational efforts only. Alerts must not be used as part of a direct effort to generate either securities or related business.

Regardless of the audience, Web links to or distribution of reprints of Alerts must not directly or through inference promote the sender's services or products. In other words, Alerts cannot be said to show "why you should hire us" or "buy this product."

Learn more and contact FINRA Corporate Communications for permission to use FINRA-copyrighted materials.