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Market Data Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is FINRA’s Market Data Center?

FINRA’s Market Data Center is a free resource to assist retail investors with market and investment research. The Market Data Center includes:

  • market indices, news and other information about current market conditions;
  • detailed market data on exchange traded and over-the-counter (OTC) equities, options and mutual funds; and
  • a full profile for every exchange-listed company, including company description, current stock price (equity data is delayed as required by the information provider; time of the delay is indicated on page), valuation, profitability, recent news, SEC filings and more.

2. How do I get a quote using the Market Data Center?

To get a quote for an equity, exchange-traded fund or mutual fund, enter a symbol, CUSIP or keyword into the search bar on the Market Data Center homepage. The dropdown list will provide you with possible matches.

Quotes are also available from the Company Information, Equities and Options, and Mutual Funds main pages.

3. Does the Market Data Center let me keep track of securities?

Yes. The Market Data Center Watchlist allows you to view and track a customizable list of equities, exchange-traded funds and mutual funds. There are two ways to add securities to your Watchlist:

  • On the Watchlist page enter a symbol, CUSIP or keyword in the search box and click “Add.”
  • From the Equities and Options or Mutual Funds detail pages click “+ Add to Watchlist.”

The Watchlist functionality is cookie-based; clearing your cookies will delete any information saved in your Watchlist.

4. What equity and options information does the Market Data Center offer to investors?

The Market Data Center provides information on exchange traded and over-the-counter (OTC) traded equities, including:

  • equity market activity (i.e., most active, gainers and losers for NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX and the OTC market) and
  • share detail (price, volume, per share data, dividends, key ratios, company financial statements, profitability, valuation, operating performance, etc.). Equity data is delayed as required by the information provider; time of the delay is indicated in footnote on the page.

The Options view provides a list of call and put options that can be sorted by strategy, expiration date and strike range. Call options are displayed on the left and put options on the right with current share price indicated together with available strike prices. The chart view defaults to options with expiration dates of the following Friday.

For more information about investing in options, including types, risks and key terms, click here.

5. Can I search for a mutual fund based on specific search criteria?

Yes. From the Mutual Funds main page, use the Screener tool to search for mutual funds based on certain search criteria. Search criteria may include fund family, investment style, category, net expense ratio, historical return, total net assets, three-year standard deviation of historical performance, Morningstar Rating and/or share class. Hover over each search option for more information.

Funds meeting your search criteria are displayed below and can be viewed by performance, portfolio (style and asset allocation) or rating. Click on the fund name to view fund details.

6. What mutual fund information is available at the Market Data Center?

The Mutual Funds detail page shows category, investment strategy and style, net expense ratio, historical return (including growth of $10,000 over the last 10 years), total assets, asset allocation, sector allocation, fund manager, Morningstar rating and more.

For an overview of mutual funds, including information about types of mutual funds, fees and expenses, share classes and risks, click here.

7. Where can I find information about fixed income securities/bonds?

The Market Data Center no longer includes fixed income data. Instead, you can find fixed income security and trade information, including real-time data on bonds and other fixed income products as well as aggregate data on fixed income markets, at FINRA Fixed Income Data.

General information about bond types, key terms, risks and more can be found here.

8. Who do I contact if I have questions or feedback about the Market Data Center?

Please reach out via email: [email protected].