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Compensation Information: MetLife Securities, Inc.—Variable Annuity Replacements

Information for Investors 

Who is eligible for compensation? 

Compensation in the total aggregate amount of $5 million will be paid to certain customers of MetLife Securities, Inc. ("MSI") who purchased a MetLife, Inc. variable annuity through a variable annuity to variable annuity replacement transaction between 2009 and 2014. MSI is required to develop a plan, not unacceptable to FINRA, to distribute the compensation to eligible customers.  

How will eligible individuals be notified? 

Eligible customers should receive a letter and payment on or before August 31, 2016, unless an extension is granted by FINRA. If for any reason MSI cannot locate any customer after reasonable and documented efforts to do so, it will forward any undistributed amount to the appropriate escheat, unclaimed property or abandoned property fund for the state in which the customer is last known to have resided.

What options are available to investors? 

Accepting compensation under this settlement does not foreclose your ability to pursue arbitration or mediation if you believe you have suffered losses. You should consult an attorney as to your rights. 

Additional questions or concerns, contact: 

Jim Day, Vice President and Chief Counsel
FINRA Department of Enforcement 
15200 Omega Drive, 3rd Floor
Rockville, MD 20850
(301) 258-8520  

For more information about the FINRA enforcement action, see FINRA’s News Release: FINRA Sanctions MetLife Securities, Inc. $25 Million for Negligent Misrepresentations and Omissions in Connection With Variable Annuity Replacements.