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Podcasts: FINRA Unscripted

Advancing Market Transparency and Regulation
In March, Stephanie Dumont became the new Executive Vice President of FINRA’s Market Regulation and Transparency Services department. On this episode, we sit down with Stephanie to hear her priorities, her vision for the department, and how FINRA is responding to recent market events.
On the Front Lines of Investor Protection
Intelligence means different things to different people. But for FINRA, at its most basic, it is the actionable information that allows employees, from an organization’s senior executives to its examiners or investigators, to make informed decisions. On this episode, we sit down to learn about FINRA’s new Financial Intelligence Unit, and how it is looking to transform how FINRA takes in, analyzes, and shares data.
Fostering Engagement
Diversity has been a focus for FINRA’s Board of Governors for several years— and recently the Board achieved a significant milestone from a diversity perspective. On this episode we talk to FINRA’s Corporate Secretary and Deputy Corporate Secretary to hear how FINRA’s Board of Governors got to where it is today, and also to hear why diversity very much remains a perpetual work in progress.
Fostering Engagement
The 2021 FINRA Annual Conference was like no other with the event held entirely online. On this episode, take a behind-the-scenes look at the fireside chat between FINRA CEO Robert Cook and FINRA Board Chair Eileen Murray as they talk about everything from return to the office to the importance of diversity, equity and inclusion.
Facilitating Compliance
The pandemic forced the world to re-evaluate how it works—and FINRA’s Arbitration & Mediation Forum was no exception. To keep processes moving, FINRA Dispute Resolution Services allowed hearings to proceed virtually. A year later, we are looking at lessons learned, tips for practicing remotely and plans for the future of arbitration and mediation.
An employee hackathon event a few years ago resulted in an idea that has since transformed the way FINRA’s Advertising Regulation group does its work. On this episode, we learn about the impressive collaborative effort to build a tool to apply advanced analytics and machine learning to the review of firm communications with the public.
The brokerage industry has an important role to play when it comes to detecting, preventing and reporting fraud. On this episode, we hear from the head of FINRA's National Cause and Financial Crimes Detection Programs about recent trends and how firms can work to protect themselves and their customers.
Facilitating Compliance
Last year, as FINRA staff looked to adjust to a new exam and risk monitoring program structure, the industry and the world was struck with an unprecedented global crisis. On this episode, the second in a two-part series, we hear how the program adapted in the face of the pandemic before looking ahead to priorities for 2021.
Facilitating Compliance
2020 was a year of great change and transition for FINRA’s Exam and Risk Monitoring Program—and the pandemic wasn’t even the start of it. On this episode, the first in a two-part series, we hear how the program fared in its first year after a major transformation.
Leadership in Technology
Cybersecurity has only increased in importance as huge swaths of the workforce continue to work remotely. On this episode, two FINRA cybersecurity experts share how FINRA handled the transition and areas of focus for 2021. Plus, learn why you should think twice before trying to brush that piece of hair off your phone screen.