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Arbitration Awards Online

FINRA's Arbitration Awards Online database (“AAO”) demonstrates our commitment to transparency by enabling users to perform web-based searches for FINRA arbitration awards free of charge, seven days a week.

Documents Available in the Arbitration Awards Online Database

In addition to FINRA awards, you can search for historical awards for the:

FINRA will post the highest quality copy of an award available.

FINRA will post a copy of an order confirming or vacating an award if a party provides it to FINRA. Because FINRA does not automatically receive notice of court orders confirming, modifying, or vacating arbitration awards, AAO may not reflect whether a court has confirmed, modified, or vacated an award. Furthermore, AAO may not reflect whether a party has appealed an order or the outcome of any such appeal. Therefore, FINRA encourages parties to perform independent research to determine whether a court has vacated, confirmed, or modified a prospective arbitrator's past awards.

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How to Use Arbitration Awards Online

You can search for awards by Case ID, Keyword, Name, Date of Award (by date range), Forum, Document Type, Panel Composition, or a combination of search parameters. Awards can be viewed online, printed, or downloaded as text-searchable PDF files.

To assist with research efforts, AAO provides a "related documents" hyperlink that is included with the search results for all documents that contain the same case number.


FINRA awards are rendered by independent arbitrators who are chosen by the parties to issue final, binding decisions. FINRA makes available an arbitration forum—pursuant to rules approved by the SEC—but has no part in deciding the award.